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Excellent as always.
One question... is that music box at the end "Dracula's Castle"? (from Castlevania:SOTN)
If so... why?

scumhouse responds:

Because SOTN is really really cool

Even when I love the series, I don't like the direction you are taking it, at least from an "style" point of view. Somehow the series is drifting away from it's "faux sprite-animation" theming ... which is a shame, because it really worked.

Just compare and contrast this episode with the first episode of TOME to see what I mean.
The drawing quality has improved A LOT, possibly because there is more "man-power" working on it (3 artists just for background); but there is a negative side to it. Instead of trying to find new ways of working around the "faux sprite-animation" (which is a form of "limited animation"), you are simply adding more "fluid not-limited animation". It may not sound that bad (or bad at all), but bare in mind that it's costing the series a lot of it's original charm.

The same could be said about the music, which with every episode sounds less "game-like" (I don't think that's a word, but you get the idea). Just compare TOME's "main theme" with the "ending song" of this episode. Even when the "main theme" is clearly not from a video-game, it feels temathically fitting. This "ending song"... doesn't.

I like the series, and I hope you keep on producing it for a long time. But I also would like to see it improve while keeping what made it so unique in first place (an style that made it look extremely Megama.exe-ish), instead of improving in quality by forsaking it's orignal charm.

I know this from somewhere, don't I? :P

Have in mind that if this hadn't been on newgrounds, I would have given you a 7 or so.


It was good, better than what I expected it to be.
As deux said, progress is easy to see here.

Nevertheless, it could have been A LOT better.

º I didn't like the way you mixed styles (sprites & Drawings).
It's not a bad idea, not a bad idea at all... but it wasn't well put in.
The way you change from sprites to drawings has to be more... gentle and swift.
Show an sprite one moment, zoom out, and then show a drawing really is a bad idea.

º Snow's monologue was weak and dull. There wasn't anything "catchy" about it.
Also, it should have been more of "tearJerker" moment.

ºLast but not least, the fighting-scenes lacked of... something.
I don't know what, I'm not an animation-expert or anything, but they weren't as interesting as previous fighting-scenes.

Having said that, is good to know you are still on the business of making Flash Movies, and hope you keep this up.
Say hi to the forum on my behave. ;)



Es increible, pero casi todos los reviews estan en español! XD

En fin, los dibujos son bastantes malos, y esta extremadamente quemado lo que pusiste (personaje intolerante, hechos sin sentido, etc.).... pero de todas maneras me gusto. Es bastante mejor que lo que newgrounds suele ofrecer.

PS: el trauma es tan grande, q cuando crezca me hare administrador de empresas XD

Darkar responds:

Mmm... un review un tanto contradictorio.

I don't know if this was good

But I surely liked it.

very good

but next time, add subtitles...

is pretty difficult for a non-enlish speaker to understand a thing...
(they speak in a funny way)

Really, what of the wieriest things of all....

It was funny... yet, I didn't find like the drawings, and I think that it's a pretty predictable animation....
you should have made Lisa said: "I'm gonna give you something really special, just wait for it"; not "I'm caming back"

koreanos viviendo en peru... cosa rara, no? :P

ahora, hablando con respecto a la pelicula, me parecio muy buena..... La verdad que el voice casting me parecio un poquito flojo, pero bue :P , que mas da?
Tambien hubo unas partes que debieron haber sido un toque mas rapidas, simplemente x q se hacian predecibles en exceso (la parte del lobo, la que se come el chancho, y asi), pero aun asi me gusto mucho. Me encanto como estaba dibujado, y mas que nada, me gusto que algo en español estuviera en la Main Page de newgruonds (ta buenisimo escribir reviews en español XD).


There is not much to say

You used the style which you always use (It seems draw handed), which is something good, pretty good....
the plot itself was pretty simple and I didn't like, but I guess you focused more on the graficts and on making it intertaing rather than make it have a little bit of sence.
the unicar part was pretty funny BTW...


ps: I still don't know why danerls uses firewepons and picos uses his hands... they should do as they did in your's pico day 2006 animation, in which darnell had a rocket luncher and pico had guns....


Totally agree with you, I really hated van XD ..
I mean, his cheast was pretty creppy, and his model was very... very.... Bas :S ... (Blonded MJ)...
Also, he kinda sucks compared to balthier and the others, so I really didn't like him at all...
and as you said, this character is pretty wierd because he is not very into the story, he just wanted to be an sky pirate.


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