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Excellent as always.
One question... is that music box at the end "Dracula's Castle"? (from Castlevania:SOTN)
If so... why?

scumhouse responds:

Because SOTN is really really cool

Even when I love the series, I don't like the direction you are taking it, at least from an "style" point of view. Somehow the series is drifting away from it's "faux sprite-animation" theming ... which is a shame, because it really worked.

Just compare and contrast this episode with the first episode of TOME to see what I mean.
The drawing quality has improved A LOT, possibly because there is more "man-power" working on it (3 artists just for background); but there is a negative side to it. Instead of trying to find new ways of working around the "faux sprite-animation" (which is a form of "limited animation"), you are simply adding more "fluid not-limited animation". It may not sound that bad (or bad at all), but bare in mind that it's costing the series a lot of it's original charm.

The same could be said about the music, which with every episode sounds less "game-like" (I don't think that's a word, but you get the idea). Just compare TOME's "main theme" with the "ending song" of this episode. Even when the "main theme" is clearly not from a video-game, it feels temathically fitting. This "ending song"... doesn't.

I like the series, and I hope you keep on producing it for a long time. But I also would like to see it improve while keeping what made it so unique in first place (an style that made it look extremely Megama.exe-ish), instead of improving in quality by forsaking it's orignal charm.

I know this from somewhere, don't I? :P

Have in mind that if this hadn't been on newgrounds, I would have given you a 7 or so.


It was good, better than what I expected it to be.
As deux said, progress is easy to see here.

Nevertheless, it could have been A LOT better.

º I didn't like the way you mixed styles (sprites & Drawings).
It's not a bad idea, not a bad idea at all... but it wasn't well put in.
The way you change from sprites to drawings has to be more... gentle and swift.
Show an sprite one moment, zoom out, and then show a drawing really is a bad idea.

º Snow's monologue was weak and dull. There wasn't anything "catchy" about it.
Also, it should have been more of "tearJerker" moment.

ºLast but not least, the fighting-scenes lacked of... something.
I don't know what, I'm not an animation-expert or anything, but they weren't as interesting as previous fighting-scenes.

Having said that, is good to know you are still on the business of making Flash Movies, and hope you keep this up.
Say hi to the forum on my behave. ;)


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TCOM = The Company of Myself
FXT = Fixation


My hopes were quite low for this game, I was sure it was going to be one lousy prequel to a somehow over-estimated game... don't get me wrong, TCOM is beautiful, but people over-estimate it.

I'm glad to see I was wrong.

Even without being a prequel to TCOM, FXT has merits of it's own.
The idea of using tabbaco-smoke to get over your mental-problems was great. I've to agree with some other reviewers that the mechanics were kind of sloppy from time to time, but I like the idea.
It has great graphics and good music.

Last but not least, the more "realistic tone" of this game makes it actually more coherent than TCOM. This game is not a dream nor reality, is something in the middle, and being on the twilight is awesome. Makes the experience even more deeper.


It was good, most complains I've about gameplay have been addressed by other people (like the requirement to explain things).

I've to say I LOVED the meadow chapter gameplay-wise. You get a great the feeling of "cooperation" from it, which makes the connections with TCOM greater. (it shows Katherine feels the same way towards Jim as Jim describes in TCOM).


I usually have a saying: "no matter how CRAPPY an story is, the MOST important thing is the story-telling", and use as example things I love but have crappy stories like "Dragon Ball Z" or "Kingdom Hearts".

For most of the part, you follow that rule. You tell a very simple story (girl meets boy, boy makes her feel special, she falls in love, shrink dies), but it turns out to be GREATLY interesting.

What you really, REALLY need to work on is the ending.
"TCOM had a great ending (story-wise) but the story-telling was awful, making it uncanny.
You should have smoothed a little the translation between "crazy-land" and "reality". It feels really ass-pulled.
FXT not only had a crappy ending (you didn't explain HOW Katherine died, which is important considering SHE was the main character), but the whole ending feels unsatisfactory (you don't even explain how Jack received the news... he is just there, with convenient amnesia).

All and all good game, you kept me more than 1 hour in a row playing a Flash Game, something that never happens.


FreeAsANerd responds:

There's a little more to the ending than what you've described, but I can't really say whether or not that's what made it unsatisfying for you. Glad you enjoyed most of the other parts, though, and thanks a bunch for such an in-depth review!

Not bad...

While the SCORE may sound unfair, I've my reasons to do so (which I'll explain further).
I know a lot of Newground users don't like people who think different than them, and since this got in daily 3rd place, I'm very likely to get "useless" in my review for doing some Constructive-Criticism. (which is actually a lot more useful than "lol, gr8 game!" or "I luv it!")

º Sprites:
Re-texturing characters from street fighter 4 is not really bad, since you also changed their attacks. (there is no difference from this and editing sprites)
The biggest issue here is that they look weird in the background and the select screen.
You should edit the backgrounds in order to make them look better.

Also, you should try editing "Ken"'s sprites that appear in the "tutorial" screen. There is a lot of "noise" around him.

º Gameplay:
While the game is not bad, it's really slow. You probably played a lot of MVC or KOF, so you should be aware that dynamic is the basis of every fighting game.
The code is very good, but the fights are not swift enough.

º Sounds: Meh, the music was not interesting. The sound effects were not great. And some of them are very easy to associate with other games ("level 1!").
You should try to work on this a lot more.

ª Layout:
Both, the layout in the intro screen and in the battle look really, really bad. You should get someone to edit them for you.
Also, the mouse buttons are somehow unresponsive.


Besides the things that appear above, the game was good.
It's not "a new version" it needs, but "a good polish", so to speak.
In my opinion, you should try to get some "artist" and "music composers" to help you.
There are a lot around the internet, and since this game was released, I guess a lot of them are willing to do it for free. =3

All and all, I hope you keep on making games.

Good animation

Wow... That was the lamest thing I've ever seen. The animator must have gotten REALLY lazy or something. I mean honestly that was the probably the dumbest FAIL I've seen in this entire movie! So anyway, what do you think about the move so far? Enjoying it? It's taken quite a while, and as I'm typing this it has yet to be completed. I doubt you'll be able to read this far down unless you figure out a way to pause or do some other sneaky thing. Laaaammmeee!

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Awesome quality drawing!

Galacticamaru has a daughter! THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!

beastkid7 responds:

lol I'm glad it does!

Awesome art but...

I didn't know that AceSpark cancelled the game....
it's a real shame to know that.

I remember that I tried to take part in the robot-master's concept and sprites making contest, but I was too lazy to finish anything.
(Besides, my spriting skills were really weak :P )

It's an amaizing drawing

Your realistic style looks terrific. And besides, it suits very well your choise of pokemons (I love all of them, btw).

On the other hand, Raichu makes an awesome contrast with all the others, and gives something "special" to the image. No matters that you drawed him like that by "accident" (because you were unable to make him look "realistic").

Just one little thing, not everyone draw as good as you do (some of use don't even draw good)... so, is not that we don't join the meme because we don't want to... but because we can't. :P

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