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How about a new (and better) V-cam system?

Posted by nacritico - August 9th, 2009

I only create this topic to see how much interest there is to create a new V-cam system.
Depending on the amount of people commenting here in favour of this, I'll create it (or not).
I apologize to anyone who thought it was already done | ·__· "|

Since a long time ago I've been using the V-cam, and even though the creator is a genius , it's full of drawbacks that doesn't allow you to use it at its full potential.

If you want a list of the V-cam's problems, here you have it:

· With the V-cam, ALL objects will change their size. You can not have objects that doesn't change their size. That's specially annoying when you want to have an object with a fix value, such as a "dialogue box".
[I learned that when I animated Final Fantasy Battle #64 a few years ago]

· You can not use the V-cams for games... at all. Since the V-cam changes the xScale and yScale of the movieClips, every distance should be measured in comparison of the V-cam size... which is a real pain in the ass.

· Even when that's not a problem, the V-cam lacks of useful codes, like a function to follow MovieClips or a function to zoom in and out.

So, I though to create a new MovieClip, based on the V-cam. Of course, the idea is to create a MovieClip which can improve those problems.
With my knowledge, I already know how to do -I'm not gonna tell you ;) -, but it'll take me a while to code it.

So I was wondering, are you people interested in something like this?

Comments (1)

Yeah, that would be great if there was something better than the v-cam, 'cause right I'm trying to make a Flash game but the v-cam follows the character but the health bar and other stuff stays right where I left it on the screen... plus when using sprites, the v-cam messes them up.